Some of
our raving

I have invested with Neal, Anna and team for years and they are excellent at what they do and return better than predicted returns. They have way exceeded expectations. What impresses me about Neal, Anna and their team is their quality research on every aspect of the market, their excellent communications and updates to investors, and their ability to add value to every property they touch.

I also appreciate their personal care about their investors and that they are accessible to discuss investments and concerns in a prompt manner. I highly recommend them for real estate investments.

- Mark C.

I have invested in a couple of opportunities with Neal and his team. These have been performing superbly, and way better than the initial predictions even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The marketing material that the team has put together is top-notch. Awesome job by Neal and his team in managing the properties and consistent communication with their investors.

As a Limited Partner to invest in a syndication, for me, trust is a big factor. With Neal’s vast experience in multifamily construction, data-driven approach, and creative ways in solving problems as well as straightforwardness helped in creating the trust.

- Avinash P.

My name is Azriel and I had the chance to review data and details of the UGro Company with the team and the numbers looked amazing. It is clear that Neal and his team are very data-driven and operate with high levels of integrity. Truthfully, they are more conservative than they could have been for the investors best interest.

Neal has gone through tremendous lengths to create a great opportunity and company for maximum success for everyone together. This is a rare opportunity and company and I am grateful to be part of it.

- Azriel A.

How You Can Invest With Us


Join a diversified fund of 5-8 new construction, fully zoned, build-to-rent projects located in hyper-growth locations such as Austin, San Antonio, and Fredericksburg. 6-8% cashflow during construction. 27-30% projected IRR.

Passive Syndication Investment

Invest deal-by-deal. We do all the work to discover, purchase, and manage high performing real estate investment opportunities and give you all our supporting research to make an informed decision.

Turnkey Fourplex Ownership

If you are looking for full ownership, our luxury fourplex developments are purchased as turnkey investments. A great hands-off investment for busy investors who want all the benefits of ownership.

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